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This captivating textured painting showcases a serene blue sky adorned with fluffy white clouds, capturing the essence of a peaceful day. The use of texture in the painting adds a tactile dimension, inviting viewers to not only see but also feel the artwork's surface. When viewed from the side, the depth of the painting reveals itself through a mesmerizing blend of deep navy blues and aqua colors.

The foreground features dark sand and rocks, with the textured depiction of water drizzling into the sand and rocks, adding a dynamic and lifelike quality. This piece is elegantly framed in a white box frame, measuring 64 x 74 cm, which complements the artwork and allows it to stand out as a focal point in any space.

It feels like the west of Ireland.

#waw # Ireland #ocean #sea #irishart #Irishartist #HelenCondonArt

Into the West

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